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a remastering mission of obscure 80's punk
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Author:  socialparasites [ 22 Jun 2017, 14:40 ]
Post subject:  a remastering mission of obscure 80's punk

Hello folks,
let me introduce myself. i am the little known Nafe Parasite of the little known distro label Bile Smile Records. i've been working with many old school punk artists for the last 16 years both in local scenes and the festival circuit.
Our distro has taken on a mission to clean up and restore some of the more outstanding obscure punk releases from the 1980's, to remaster and make them palletable, and to return them to their intended studio mix when first released.

We are on our way to releasing around 30 demos/bootleg tapes/vinyl rips/material that will pretty much never be unearthed and reissued. So far we've got remasters done by such bands as FALLOUT, FACTION, FAMOUS IMPOSTERS, AD NAUSEAM, CHUMBAWAMBA, ANHREFN, A TOUCH OF HYSTERIA, KARMA SUTRA, LEGION OF PARASITES, PART 1, CULTURE SHOCK, THATCHER ON ACID, SHRAPNEL, THE MAD ARE SANE, GODORRHOEA, THE COMMITTEE, SLAUGHTER TRADITION, and more great releases to come.

enough waffle, here's the link:

it'd be great if you guys could check out our work, everything is up to listen to and if you're feeling generous, you could pay a meagre amount towards the project either 49p a track or between four to seven quid for a full album download. feedback greatly received, we have a facebook page linked from the bandcamp that you can contact us or like us on.

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