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A Pregnant Light - Before I Came (2014)
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Author:  New_Uploads [ 02 May 2014, 03:40 ]
Post subject:  A Pregnant Light - Before I Came (2014)


Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal, Experimental
Label: Colloquial Sound
Tracks: 10
Length: 68'

A Pregnant Light is the project of Grand Rapids, Michigan's Damian Master, who last year released two EPs (Domination Harmony and Stars Will Fall) featured on this blog, and in my humble opinion they were two ofnbsp; metal's catchiest and original sounding releases in 2013. "Before I Came" is his first compilation released on CD, featuring two new tracks ("Ringfinger" and "Lilajugend") and the rest of his material recorded and released before in different EPs. Although there are only two new songs, its a great oportunity to hear at once all of his stuff. A Pregnant Light's sound is rooted in black metal blasting but the massive pop hooks, embracing clean melodies, and punk/hardcore leanings distinguish it from other metal bands. I highly recommend this compilation for those who want to hear something different within the broad "black metal" spectrum, dig.



[URL=http://colloquialsoundrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/before-i-came]Before I Came by A PREGNANT LIGHT[/URL]


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