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Suburban Mutilation "The Opera Ain't Over Til The Fat Lady Sings!"
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Author:  New_Uploads [ 11 Oct 2010, 14:56 ]
Post subject:  Suburban Mutilation "The Opera Ain't Over Til The Fat Lady Sings!"


SxUxMx formed in Wisconsin in the early 80's, originally under the name of the Rat Eaters. got this in the mail back in the day from the band and listening to it now still transforms my bedroom into my own private slampit . it has that classic pissed off spastic h/c punk etiquette and fits perfectly next to my roach motel + hated youth singles in many ways.

they released a couple cassettes earlier:
"OH WE'RE NEAT" tape (1982) + "DADDY WAS A NAZI" tape (1983), and appeared on a few comps.
This is the band's only LP and was released 1984, the band split about a year later.

.The REV Norb was " the man" of Wisconsin punk back then.
just google him for all his muzzzaacckk.

i rip this @ 320 for you lovelies""""""

file under::::::::::::::::::::the Rev. Nørb of Boris the Sprinkler


1] Daddy Was A Nazi
2] Ya Buncha Morons
3] Twisted Cross
4] Plastic Chicken
5] I Reject U
6] Yor A Dilemma
7] I Object
8] Farmers
9] Apathy
10] Police State
11] Don't Psychoanalyze Me
12] No Explanations
13] El Salvador Stomp
14] Twilight Zone
15] Regurgitate
16] Deprogram
17] Attack That Girl






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