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 Jackson United - Harmony And Dissidence 
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Post  Jackson United - Harmony And Dissidence
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01. 21st Century Fight Song
02. Undertow
03. Black Regreats
04. Lifeboat
05. Trigger Happy
06. White Flag Burning
07. Stitching
08. The Land Without Law
09. The Day That No One Smiled
10. Damn You
11. Like A Bomb
12. You Can't Have It

Grupo/Band: Jackson United
Album: Harmony And Dissidence
Año/Release year: 2008
Género/Genre: Alternative/Punk/Rock
Calidad/Quality: 239kbit (VBR)
Página oficial/Official website:
Link purevolume: Purevolumehttp://www.purevolume.com/jacksonunitedhttp://www.purevolume.com/jacksonunited
Link myspace: Myspace
Link de descarga/Download here:

Link de descarga/Download here:

Link de descarga/Download here: Megashares
Pass: http://www.alternative2punk.net

País/Country: USA
Compañia discográfica/Label: Acetate
Si te gustan/If you like: Foo Fighters, Face To Face, Late!, Viva Death.

var OutbrainPermaLink='http://www.alternative2punk.net/2009/06/jackson-united-harmony-and-dissidence.html';
var OB_demoMode = false;
var OB_Script = true;

Source: http://www.alternative2punk.net/2009/06/jackson-united-harmony-and-dissidence.html

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13 Nov 2009, 06:42
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