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 Libya and Qadhafi, from a different perspective 
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Joined: 03 Feb 2011, 10:28
Posts: 192
Post  Libya and Qadhafi, from a different perspective
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A brief history of Libya is required to understand the issue, so here it is.

Libya declared independance on December 24, 1951, instituting a constitutional and hereditary monarchy under King Idris I.

In 1951 Libya was the /poorest country in the world/, with a per capita income of less than $50/year, according to the World Bank.

In 1959 Libya's large oil reserves were discovered, which allowed them to become extremely wealthy within the next 10 years(as measured by GDP, which just shows the arithmetic mean and says nothing about the gap between rich and poor[ie. if a country has two residents, one makes $1000 and the other makes $0, the GDP is $500. You can see how this can be used to distort economic facts, I'm sure.])

September 1, 1969 King Idris I was overthrown by a military-led coup led by Qadhafi, there were no casualties. The new regime, which called itself the Revolutionary Command Council(RCC), abolished the monarchy and proclaimed Libya an Arab Republic under Qadhafi.

The RCC's motto was "Freedom, Socialism, and Unity" It pledged itself to developing policies based on social justice, non-exploitation and an equal distribution of wealth.

Qadhafi immediately demanded that all foreign military(American, British) gtfo of Libya. By June 1970, this was accomplished.

After foreign military was gone, the RCC expelled several thousand Italian residents(Italy had conquered Libya in 1911 and held it as a colony until they were forced to relinquish control under the terms of the 1947 peace treaty with the Allies following WWII, Libyan-Italians were mostly wealthy international business-owners or employees which contradicted the aims and interests of the new government)

By 1971, libraries and cultural centres operated by foreign government were ordered closed. Libya was now free from the affects of Western politics.

Qadhafi demanded his country take more of the profits from foreign oil companies, and as a result the deal was changed from 50-50, to 79% profits going to Libya with Western businesses taking the remaining 21%.

Going back to 1969, Egyptian intelligence agencies discovered and quashed a planned coup against Qadhafi by high-ranking members of his government/military. Qadhafi and the Egyptian intelligence stated that the coup had been funded by American bribery.

Dissent was illegalized, Qadhafi saying that it was the only way to stop poor people from accepting American bribes, dissenters were publicly executed.

A military mutiny was suppressed in 1980, at the time of the highly controversial war with Chad.

Now, a word or two on the economy of Libya(before the NATO-led 'rebellion' against Qadhafi).

I've noticed that most information websites use indirect lies to make Libya look worse off than it was. On wikipedia I found the statement "Under Gaddafi rule, the poor medical system had become an infuriating symbol of the spotty distribution of resources in the country. Libyans who afforded often had to seek medical care in neighboring countries such as Tunisia and Egypt because of lack of decent medical care in Libya" They fail to mention that the Libyan government paid for anyone who had to seek foreign medical attention.

All healthcare and education, Libyan or foreign was state-funded. And newly built Libyan colleges and hospitals were said to impress foreign officials who toured them. In contradiction to wikipedia, I've read from many sources that Libyan health-care was very high-quality.

Qadhafi promised to house every Libyan citizen before his own parents, a promise he kept. His father died before he could be housed, but now every single Libyan has a place to live.

Electricity was free for all citizens.

Gas cost US$0.14/L

When a Libyan couple married, the government gave them $50,000 to put a downpayment on a house.

Any Libyan buying a car would have half the expenses paid by the government.

If a Libyan wanted to become a farmer, he was given free use of land, house, equipment and seed.

Libya was completely debt free. It was illegal to put interest on loans, and they were the only country in the world with a banking system not based on debt.

Everyone in Libya has(and most own) a house or flat, a car, and most of them have TV and telephones.

Compared to America or the UK, Libya's capital was spread quite evenly.

In 1990, when Nelson Mandela was released from prison, he became good friends with Muammar Al Qadhafi.

Nelson Mandela negotiated with the United States on Qadhafi's behalf over the PanAm 103 bombing and eventually negotiated for the two defendants to be tried in the Scottish Court in the Netherlands. One was proclaimed not guilty, the other handed a life sentence. Libya formally accepted responsibility for the attacks, although high-ranking officials still deny responsibility and say that they accepted responsibility only to placate the UN. Qadhafi agreed to pay US $2.7 billion to the victims' families.

In 1996 Qadhafi began giving counter-terrorism advice to Mi6 and the CIA, even issuing a warrant for the arrest of Osama Bin Laden who continued to draw funds from American multi-billion dollar corporations, including the oil company which GWB owned shares in and pushed internationally.

The chemical weapons that Libya had amassed supposedly to defend itself from the American global empire were destroyed in a $25 million facility, inspected by British officials.

Muammar Al Qadhafi wrote a book called the Green Book, which outlines his belief in direct democracy and equal distribution of wealth.

More recently, Qadhafi was pushing for the standard payment for oil to change to gold--in particular the African Dinar. This would remove global dependance on the almighty US $. It would completely re-write world economics, and in my opinion, it is the main reason for NATO intervention in Libya.

One of the first moves of the "rebels" after taking Tripoli was to institute a Rothschild-owned, debt-based banking system. For those of you who don't know, the Rothschild family is estimated to own over half the worlds wealth, they own the major banks of the world.

Does this sound like the actions of a rebellion, trying to take back their country from tyrants? Or does it sound like another page from John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman? Like the furthering of American Global Empire? I'm sure you know my opinion, but you be the judge. Qadhafi was responsible for many deaths over his four-decade reign, from his perspective these executions were requisite to continue the social reforms of Libya. To bring it from the poorest country in the world to one with a higher per capita income than the British, a country where the people actually profit from the wealth they contribute to producing. And most of all, to avoid the interference of the Economic Hitmen and "jackals" that John Perkins warned the world of.

Please, look into this more. Check what I've said with more sources, definitely not solely relying on wikipedia. The information on such websites are not blatant lies, but they are full of deception, half-truths and misconceptions.

If you do this and find that you agree with me, spread it as far as you can. People have to be made aware of the quest for American Global Empire, the American people in particular. Don't spread Anti-Americanism, that has been the mistake of all revolutionaries thus far, they have made the average American close their ears from offense. The IMF, World Bank, NATO, WTO, and the government of the United States are to blame, the people there are victims like the rest of us.


That's Qadhafi's Green Book, which anyone who cares about freedom the world over should read. It is quite short, I read it in one sitting. This book contradicts pretty much everything the American and Israeli media have told us about Qadhafi.

A few quotes from the book:

"Mandatory education is a coercive education that suppresses freedom. To impose specific teaching materials is a dictatorial act."

"No representation of the people—representation is a falsehood. The mere existence of parliaments underlies the absence of the people, for democracy can only exist with the presence of the people and not in the presence of representatives of the people."

"Freedom of expression is the right of every natural person, even if a person chooses to behave irrationally to express his or her insanity."

"It is an undisputed fact that both man and woman are human beings. It follows, as a self-evident fact, that woman and man are equal as human beings. Discrimination against woman by man is a flagrant act of oppression without justification for woman eats and drinks as man eats and drinks; woman loves and hates as man loves and hates; woman thinks, learns and comprehends as man thinks, learns and comprehends. Woman, like man, needs shelter, clothing, and transportation; woman feels hunger and thirst as man feels hunger and thirst; woman lives and dies as man lives and dies."

Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins is the book that made me suspicious of the Libyan "rebellion" and I highly suggest anyone who cares also read it. You can download it for free in many places, I use Demonoid.me and torrent anonymously using BtGuard. You need an invite for Demonoid, let me know if you want one.

Don't be complicit to the growing Global Empire, resist now, so that our children may inherit a world that doesn't force them to live a proletarian life. The first step to any positive rebellion is education--know your enemy, and know theirs and spread your knowledge whenever possible.

"Liberty,as we all know,cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near war footing.Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of central government."

Aldous Huxley

30 Aug 2011, 19:57
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Joined: 03 Feb 2011, 10:28
Posts: 192
Post  Re: Libya and Qadhafi, from a different perspective

Oh yeah, America paid witnesses $4 million each to testify against the Libyan defendants in the Pan Am 103 attack. These witnesses have since recanted.

And in July 2011, 1.7 million Libyans(Libya has a total population of ~5 million) gathered in Green Square to protest NATO's aggression against their country and their leader Muammar Al Qadhafi.

http://libya360.wordpress.com/2011/07/0 ... ly-1-2011/

"Liberty,as we all know,cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near war footing.Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of central government."

Aldous Huxley

30 Aug 2011, 21:03
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